Saturday, February 7, 2009

what a man...

I used to have a man who...

-could fuck me four times a day, for a year.
-would beg me to blow him.
-love to rip my tank top in half as foreplay.
-i hated which made the sex even better.
-slip his fingers in me whenever he could.
-would go down on me while he was on the phone.
-who routinely wanted me to shove my fingers in his ass while blowing him.
-I had a foursome with.
-had the most beautiful dick ever.
- traveled 6 hours for a booty call.
- loved to fuck me on my room mates bed.
- said the most beautiful part of a woman was her "belly".

I used to have a man who would fuck me, period. 


heather said...

what a mighty mighty good man...

sexinrichmond said...

a mighty mighty good man