Monday, March 16, 2009

just do it already....

So I took some time off from sex. I needed time to recover from a broken heart, and just wasn't ready to expose my body (and emotions) to intimacy.

That part of my life, is over, and afterward I realized my favorite part of sex: the first entry.

you are naked, waiting, wanting it and then that first thrust while your muscles are so tight. You feel the force it takes to get him in you. You feel yourself wrapping around him. your mind ceases to function, words or thoughts, just fuuuuuuccccckkk.
The noises that come out you've never heard, like a dick that plugged some hole that created complex thought. you are dumb. you want it over and over and start grabbing at him and can't stop. won't stop. will not stop. just go go go. more. harder. again and again.

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