Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I do not understand

When hanging out with someone it becomes harder and harder with each day to be honest with feelings. Becoming vulnerable is never easy and so telling someone you really do like them can be difficult, especially for me. Recently I have been running into that problem and it has been putting a damper on my current situation. However, in recent days I have finally taken the plunge and admitted my happiness, and now it is being held against me. Now that I am being honest and telling the person I like that I do indeed like them, I am no longer sexually desireable. Now I wish I could backpedal and take it all back so I can continue to enjoy myself without the awkwardness that now exists because of my honesty. I am comepletely dumbfounded that after being hassled for not being honest now my honesty is causing more of a problem.

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heather said...

that's been my problem for so long.. putting myself out there so quickly. this time around, im the one backpedaling because someone put themselves out there with me.. and now im the asshole that doesnt receprocate the feelings.

its all about timing. i have learned that the hard way.