Saturday, November 22, 2008

give me a real man

I need a guy like T.Pain. I need a smooth black man with a nice car and a swagger to follow. A little T. Pain with a slice of Dangelo's body. Sometimes I just want a big man who can wrap his strong arms around me and make me feel safe. Give me a man that can build a house and kill a deer with his bare fucking hands.

I have become sick of these skinny tired Elliot smith wannabes. I have become bored with these Basquiat reincarnations. Give me a brown skinned boy in a SUV bumping little Wayne with a fur coat on. Give me a man who can pick me up while we are fucking. Give me a man I can coward in front of. Give me a man that out weighs me. I just want to be fucked properly. By a proper fucking man. A man who can run a mile without taking a break. Give me a stupid fucking country boy in a fire bird red ford truck. Give me a farmer with rough hands and a thick dick. Give me a guy that will tell me to shut my fucking mouth when I'm over stepping my boundaries. Give me a guy that will rip my dress off of me and fuck me on the stairs. Give me a man who's favorite possessions are his dick and his book collection. I want a guy that I have to catch up with. Please give me a real man.

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