Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I just burnt the cookies that I bought at 7 eleven for my fake boyfriend. He was my Richmond Regular ride and some how hes become my Roommate. He gives me Grocery money and Weed I give him room and board. He is perfect but he isn't mine. We've been acting like a married couple for weeks now and I regret my vows. I am re baking the cookies I burnt not out of sweetness but because I can't hide the scent of the burnt cookies. At least this way he can tell me he thinks they are burning and then i can prove to him that i am right and he is wrong. Falsely of course. Well I've smoked a good portion of his weed and now i am watching Requiem for a dream wondering if i am watching the movie or if the movie is watching me. Is it the cocaine or the weed. I stumble often. In my life in my choices in my decisions. I always seem to get by somehow. Maybe everyone just stops caring. my temple is pounding from the speediness of my thoughts. My mind is a kaleidoscope. I don't know what to do in this situation. He loves me as much as a girl that isn't his but I am indifferent at times. Comfortable. He ruins my minds avalability at the same time giving me the most luxurious dreams and amazing orgasms.

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