Monday, December 8, 2008

and the oscar goes to.....

ladies, we need to tighten up here. 
no posting in a week. No new news anyone wants to share. Are you going to tell me that no one is getting any? I think there would be some really angry men in this city if that were true.

Just to make this interesting, I am opening this up for discussion: who has faked it? and why?

I have. Dated one dude, FUN sex, never got me off, still had the best time, NEVER faked it. Dated another who got me off every time. The one i ended up faked it with, boy number 3, was b/c i really cared about him, and we had bedroom issues. He needed to think that he 
was making me cum so his self confidence would be up, so he would keep fucking me. I know, it's a lie. I know it's fucked up, i told myself i'd never ever fake it. But this boy was different. I wanted to protect him. put a glass case around him and watch him grow into this amazing man. He was a good guy. and he needed to feel like he was doing a good job. and it wasn't that he wasn't doing a good job, he was. I am not push button. I have to been in certain positions to get off and those really didn't work with him. sometimes i'd fake it so he would stop focusing on me getting off and just go back to focusing on fucking me. it was a lot more enjoyable.

I kinda still feel like a shit about it though.

Any one else want to share their faking it/not faking it stories???? 

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sexinrichmond said...

Ive faked it several times. Granted I think sex is a waste of time if you cant cum. But Ive been blessed with gods vagina and I usually have an orgasm 98 out of 100 times. But every now and then a guy will say something stupid... or a girl will be going down on me horribly.. or i just want to go to bed so i fake it. Which is so annoying but people need it sometime. I mean how many times have you told someone they are the best.. You know that shit is a lie