Monday, December 1, 2008


Im an ass and accidently deleted my blog. here we go.
I ended up making out with one of my best friends this weekend. I have no problem with that. I always end up making out with my dude friends while im single. I dont ever let it go too far b/c i know myself and it would get weird. But making out is totally open for business.

so, friday night we all go out dancing, and he's randomly feeling my boobs. Again, this should be odd, but I dont give a shit. I could care less if one of my friends is grabbing my tits.
night continues, and i watch someone i want go home with another girl. fucking great.
best friend and i end up at my house, small talk, light comments and all of a sudden 
we are making out. he has me all over the kitchen. Slammed against counters while one hand is around my throat and his face is buried in my breasts. I tell him to leave, he says "ok" and then pulls my top back down. I feel my control lessening. I tell him i am not letting this go further and i walk him to the door. he slams me again the wall and with one had choking me the other is dancing all over my body. he gently bends me over the sofa and rubs his hard dick on my ass. He tells me we can go upstairs to continue. he's found my wea
kness. I have to gain my control back. I tell him no, and allow him to keep kissing me...knowing the whole time that he's going to leave and im going to sleep spread eagle in my bed, alone. 
Right before i kick him out, i tease the shit out of him with my hands. open the door and "get the fuck out".
he walks home, texting me that it was fun, and we worked so well together. I tell him "yeah yeah yeah" and i get bored with the conversation and tell him im going to bed. He continues to write and then walks back over, knocking on the door and calling me. 
I pretend to be asleep.
I could have fucked him. It could have been amazing. but the power did more for me than any man has in a long time.

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