Monday, December 22, 2008

sex in richmond.

is dangerous.
its haunting.
it lingers in spaces.
in close quarters
dim light.
soft sentences.
just right.

self declared.
at a distant.
oh so rare.

and determined.
strong in dismay.
sought without malice
yet turned wreckless
with the day.

it can be intimate
with passion
and given without tears.
lost in an instant and
fought for for years.

sex in richmond is
nasty and rude.
it may shock and amaze.
strike anywhere.
without notice or care.

it is anxious.
and ferocious.
it can ravage your soul.
leave you barren.
and broken.
lost and alone.

sex in richmond.
spills over glasses.
creaks in the floorboards.
hung over bar stool.
checked at the door.

sex in richmond.
is masked as love.
and given as affection.

sex in richmond.
can easily point you.
in the wrong direction.

sex in this city is.
far from the truth.
its not what your used to.

its a cycle of abuse.
its new.
its crisp.
its fresh off the boat.

keeping up appearances.
caught in your throat.
on the tip of your tongue.
lodged between a rock.
and a hard place.

its what you wake up for.
dream about at night.
wish for on a star.
worth all the strife.

sex in richmond.
is alive.
its breathing.
its in between your sheets.
sex in richmond is coming.
its happening.
as we speak.

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