Monday, December 8, 2008

Richmond has a drinking problem

Alright so I have been making out with this boy for the past month and half, maybe even two. It has been very fun. I have been keeping it PG because I am not so sure I am ready to have sex again after ending a really long relationship at the end of the summer. So these make outs have gotten pretty hot and heavy. He takes my instruction very well and bites my nipples and pulls my hair. Everytime we have made out I have felt his dick pulsing against my leg, so I know its there. Recently they have become even more hot and my vagina is screaming for pleasure, but I am trying a new thing out called will power. So we have gotten down to our underwear and continued to suck, lick and bite each other. The other night I decided I was definitely not ready to have sex and I told him that which he took somewhat well and things were looking good. Of course that only made me want him more. Naturally the next night aided by PBR, the Richmond social juice, I took him home. Only this time I wanted more, the kissing and licking and biting was more than I could bare. I ripped the boys clothes off and he was very very excited. Then I took all my clothes off and was ready to go, condom on and everything (boy could wear a magnum, total shocker). And just when it was getting good, boner killed!!!! I hate whiskey and drunk stupid boys who cant get boners!!! Ugh!!!

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sexinrichmond said...

what the fuckkkk what the fuck what the fuck. seriously I would have kicked his ass out of my house.. Kicked his ass fucking out..... im so sick of these lame ass fucking dudes... I wish i had a dick i would make your pussy scream girl.