Monday, December 29, 2008

where has my mind been

so the past couple of weeks have been crazy. my mind and body have been in two separate places. the sex is good. the sex is okay.. the sex is really good. i don't know.. sometimes we are having sex and i am looking at him and my body says. I love you. I love you. Cum in Me. I need you and then other times I'm thinking. Can i deal with this shit. CAN I DEAL WITH THIS SHIT. I am in my early 20's does it even really fucking matter.. really does it. really matter.. i don't know.. okay well i don't know. I'm going to stop writing. I am going out. Fuck i don't know what to do. Life is so fucking gay...

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Alexa Breexxx said...

Oh, come on! How can I tell you that lately I've felt exactly as you discribe in the text... There's nothing left to do, just enjoy that little pleasures, and to know that we're not alone in this... is fine

"happy new year"