Friday, December 12, 2008

The Bottle Never Stops Spinning

So the other night I went to a gay club. I visit the gay club on a weekly basis. The possibility of seeing half naked hot guys make out is reason enough to walk a mile in heels in the pouring rain. So I arrive at the club with my crew, we check our furs and our purses. The door guy gives me shit as usual and the lesbians hold their girlfriends a little tighter at the sight of our presence. We are fucking beautiful and we are fucking loaded. I am on the prowl for a hot dance floor make out and I don't give a shit about the rules I will take any one's bitch. Every day is my fucking birthday.

I don't know if its because finals are over or if everyone is going crazy from being locked in their apartments during this Moses like rainstorm but everyone is going fucking MAD. Shirts are off, People are fucking wasted, lesbians and fucking in the bathroom and making out on the dance floor. I am watching in amazement. My friends are visiting from Berlin and they are clearly the bells of the ball. They accept drink after drink as 20 year old boys throw their best lines. The night is wonderful. I meet a group of guys that are wonderful. Fashionable, Tall, Smart I've hit the gay landmine.

I quickly pick my favorite gay and we get lost in conversation. I tell him what a tramp I am and how I am in desperate need for a beautiful boy to be my partner in crime. I tell him how I go through men like tampons. I give him explicit details about how I suck and fuck them. I share manipulation stories and we are laughing our asses off. He listens and tells me he has not had sex in 4 months. I gasp "GASP" and take a drink of my long island ice tea. I tell him " I refuse to believe it" I then tell him I will make sure he gets fucked by a hot guy tonight. he says.

I'm not gay.

I freeze

i freeze

SHITTTTTTTTTTT so embarrassing I've met a beautiful boy. A beautiful boy that I would devour with one bite. And I've told him everything about me. My whoredom, my complexes, my obsession for sex. And he's not gay. He is not sharing in my love for evilness. I am exposed and not comfortable. I quickly turn it around.

I Tell him "oh you are straight that's great". "So you sleep with girls then". He says yes. I immediately ask for his number and tell him that he has to hang out with me tomorrow and that I will most likely try to have sex with him. He adds my number while they scream last call and my friends from Berlin grab me and tell me we are going to a party to smoke a shit ton of weed.

I jump in a car with 2 hot gay guys and two girls. We speed in the rain to an apartment located deep inside a labyrinth. We begin drinking vodka immediately. We are talking about Europe, We are talking about fucking, I am surrounded by beautiful people. I am full of life. We drink more vodka. We are drunk. The bottle lands of the floor spinning. And it continues to spin.

I am kissed passionately by some of the most beautiful gay men I have ever seen. My lips and my mind wander. This is Richmond. This is my life. Spin the Bottle. Amazing friends. Strong Weed. This is home.

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